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Of coursewoman bashing seems to be just fine if you are a radical gay guy bashing a mainstream woman who has the temerity to have an opinion that differs from yours. I see no moral dilemma regarding not believing in gay marriage while posing for nude photos. If was and should be allowed as a right, the constitution would have covered that now would it not? They are both full of hypocrasy and the followers of both are too blind to see their own hypocrasy … yet continue an endles argument in order to reinforce and justify their beliefs. Yes I am a hetero. That was years ago none of it happened. It acts as a blood thinner.

Miss California Topless -- Oops, She Did It Again

You think that is right?

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This committee is so hypocritical. You hate gays and think that you deserve more rights than gays so you are by definition a homophobe. Hitler wrote: