Big nastey rash on my ass

big nastey rash on my ass

They happen when pigment cells in the skin, called melanocytes, grow in clusters. If not treated, there is the risk of an abscess enlarging, spreading, and causing serious illness. For many years I have suffered from athletes foot. I realized my bath soap was precipitating the problem. The problem, though, is that skin can wear down just like any other part of the body. I once had a spot at the base of my penis before, but that was different as it had a white head on it.

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Skin Problems

I don't know what else I can do, but this has got to stop.

5 Types of Bug Bites You Shouldn’t Ignore

I tried just Garlic powder on cotton balls just then and boy, my bottom was on fire. I've had a dramatic reduction in the problem by using Manuka Honey I apply it in the morning before work and before bed I use "Dr Wheatgrass Superbalm" Also, witchazel after BM's but the alcohol free type. Atopic eczema is the type of eczema that is associated with asthma and hayfever and although commonest in infants and children, can persist to adult life or can re-activate after it has resolved in childhood.


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